Delivery Model

At Technosys, we understand that to fulfill client's business needs, we must follow the well defined Delivery Model. Thus, we have developed distinct Delivery Models for clients who are present offshore and those who present onshore.

In the field of IT, one needs to follow a well defined process to manage & complete the project on time. And to really make it happen, one needs a Robust Delivery Model.

Today when businesses are going global, one cannot fulfill the requirements of customers present offshore & on-site with one Delivery Model. Thus to cater clients distinct needs, Technosys has formulated different Delivery Model.

Offshore Delivery Model

Offshore Delivery Model developed for those customers who are present offshore. For such clients, we dedicate a team of IT professionals including Analysts, Coder, Designers & QA engineers to undertake your project.

Furthermore, we also appoint a Project Manager who can supervise the project & can also update you about each project related activities. We also ensure that all your suggestions are readily incorporated in the project.

By following Transparent Delivery Model, we are able to fulfill business needs of our clients & maintain a level of trust with them.

Onsite Delivery Model

Onsite Delivery Model caters requirements of those customers who want to develop the project on their premises, itself.

For such clients, we first analyze project requirements & recruit related professionals on our own payroll. Then we place the entire team on client's premises.

Subsequently, we appoint a Project Manager (PM) who will supervise the project and ensure that project runs smoothly. PM will also act as an ideal platform between client and us , and give feedback both at regular interval. This will help both in evaluating the project and removing battle needs as & when required.

Onsite Delivery Model has come beneficial for those clients, who want to avoid themselves for any recruitment related issues and want the solution to develop on their own premises.