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"At Technosys, we deliver you expert IT based services from our offshore development center in India. Don't be surprised if we add the cost benefit as well!!"


Offshore and Outsourcing are a buzzword in today's business circles, thanks to higher emphasis given by companies towards product quality and cost. Today, everyone from a Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) to big Multi nationals Companies are looking to outsource their work to experts offshore in order to get quality work at the right cost.

In line with this, Technosys offers you its offshore development and consutancy services. We have the expertise and the experience to fulfill your outsourcing needs effectively. Whether it is about managing your back office operations or developing a software product for your enterprise, we can undertake your various IT needs effectively and fulfill them withing projected time and promised cost.

Technosys works from its offshore software development center in Delhi, India. Our presence in Indian sub-continent has helped us in creating a team of talented IT professionals who possess the technical knowledge and experience to understand your business needs and fulfill them effectively.

We offer you wide range of design and development services in IT domain. Our services range from designing a simple website development to engineering complex mobile applications. Our IT services include:

1) Web Services
2) Desktop Services
3) Mobile Services
4) Multimedia Services
5) SEO Services
6) Research & Development
7) Onsite Consultancy
8) BPO Setup Solutions

Technosys also offers you consulting services in IT domain. We have years of experience in software development and are associated with many as their Offshore Service Providers. We are most happy to assist you in developing custom business solutions for you and your clients. Besides, we can also provide you the cost advantage, since our development center is in India and we both stand to gain benefit from it. You in terms of Quality and technical excellence that the sub-continent provide and We in terms of clientage and work.

Contact Us now to submit your interest in Offshore Development and Consultancy. Or, to gain further insight into our work.

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