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"Technosys offers you wide range of mobile based service across GSM and CDMA networks - be it developing a custom mobile solution or a Location Based Mobile Application."


Technosys foresees mobile platform with an immense potential in future. Today, companies are working towards fulfilling users' PC related needs on their mobile /hand held devices.

In line with this, Technosys offers you specialized mobile based services. Whether you would like to develop a custom mobile utility to cater specific users or looking to develop a WAP site that can be browsed from a mobile device, Technosys can fulfill all your requirements using its technical expertise and experience.

Our Mobile based services include:

 1.Commercial Mobile Utilities Development
 2.Custom Mobile Applications Development
 3.WAP Site Development
 4.LBS Software Development

At Technosys, we can develop solutions across both GSM and CDMA networks. We are working on existing and upcoming platforms like Java, Symbian, Brew, Win CE and Blackberry. Our mobile development team is expert in latest mobile languages like J2ME, Symbian C++, C, and VC++.

Brief Outlook on our Mobile Services

Commercial Mobile Utilities Development
Today, mobile utilities look towards fulfilling same requirements that otherwise desktop applications do. At Technosys, we can be your technical assistant in developing mobile utilities across various domains like multimedia, security, and shareware etc. Our mobile solutions are largely compatible with several mobile devices and can perform up to your expectations.

Custom Business Applications Development
Today, Businesses can use mobile technology to optimize their team performance, streamline efforts among their business channels and gain technical edge over your competitors. Technosys, using its expertise in desktop domain, delivers you just the kind of solution that you want for your organization. We can develop solutions for both GSM and CDMA networks that are largely compatible with popular mobile devices.

WAP Site Development
WAP Site takes you one step ahead than conventional websites by giving users an instant connectivity of your website from their mobile and hand held devices. At Technosys, we develop flexible WAP enabled websites that can adjust itself according to user's mobile device and portray your offerings clearly.

LBS Software Development
LBS or Location Based Services lets you take advantage of user's location. LBS Software trap user's current location and offer them particular location based offerings or services. At Technosys, we can develop LBS based services for you. Our mobile development team has hands on experience in developing LBS Solutions using popular middleware platforms such as Ericsson -MPS, and Reach US Pinpoint Mgime etc.

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