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"While developing any desktop solution. Technosys always concentrate on three major aspects - compatibility, usability and performance."


At Technosys, we know how to make an application viable. We develop desktop solutions that are compatible with latest technologies, easy to use and deliver optimum performance to its users.

Technosys holds expertise in developing commercial software across various domains such as security, multimedia, shareware, and internet etc. Besides, we also have prior experience in developing custom solutions for specific businesses and enterprises using latest technologies like .NET, VB, C, C++, and VC++ etc.

Our desktop based services include: -

   1.Commercial Software Utilities Development
   2.Custom Business Solutions Development
   3.Legacy Application Re-engineering and Migration

At Technosys, we follow Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) process to develop an application. Initially, our analysis team studies your requirements and draw a feasibility study. On the basis of it, an application prototype is being developed that gives a technical and functional layout of the proposed application. Then, our coding team uses its programming skills to work on the proposed layout to transform the layout into an actual solution.

Once development phase is over, our Quality Assurance (QA) team debugs the application to find errors and other critical technical/non-technical issues. This helps us in maintaining high quality standards in our developed solution. Once this phase is over and your consent is being taken, the application is implemented at the given place.

Technosys offers you development services from its offshore development center in India . Thus, we are in a better position to offer you quality services at low prices. Though, we never compromise on quality and ensure that our services are up to your expectation level.

Brief Outlook on our Desktop Services

Commercial Software Utilities Development
With tremendous increase in Personal Computers (PC) all across the globe, Commercial Software Utilities has become a hot market today. Technosys can act as your expert technical assistant to help you earn money in this attractive business. Our coding team holds strong skills in latest technologies such as C, C++, VB, and VC++ etc and can develop unique desktop applications that are largely compatible, user friendly and perform up to your expectations.

Custom Business Solutions Development
Custom Business Solutions can help you reduce idle time within your commercial processes. Besides, it can also integrate various business components on the single platform, thus, helping you maintain control of your entire business activities. At Technosys, we can develop custom solutions for your business or enterprise. We have strong technical skills in latest technologies such as C,C++, VB, and VC++ etc and can use them to develop solutions that can fulfill your business needs effectively.

Legacy Application Re-engineering and Migration
With time, business solutions become obsolete and incapable to undertake your new business needs. Hence, they need urgent re-engineer and migration. At Technosys, we take care of your new business requirements by re-engineering your existing legacy application. Besides, we can also redevelop your existing application to make it compatible with latest technological platforms.

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